What to bring to The Center

If the patient has had MRI's of their brain done at their primary care or neurologists request, they are asked to bring the actual films or CD records with them, rather than the radiology reports. Similarly, recent EMG and sleep studies should be provided, although, when indicated studies performed at the University of Chicago are preferred.

Patients are also asked to bring results from any DNA testing that their referring physician has ordered. If DNA testing has not been done, one of the physicians in the University of Chicago Center may order them. Also if a lumbar puncture or spinal tap has been done those tests results are also needed at the clinic visit. The patient can ask their referring doctor to give them copies of any clinic notes that are relevant. Lastly, please fill out and bring any questionnaires and consent forms that you have been sent to your next visit. It is best to hand deliver this information to the office visit but if it needs to be sent please mail to:

Victoria Staszak RN, MS/MBA
Ataxia Center Coordinator
Department of Neurology
The University of Chicago Medicine
5841 S. Maryland Ave., MC2030
Chicago IL, 60637-1470
Email: ataxia@uchicago.edu