Care at The Ataxia Center

The Ataxia Center is a referral center for diagnosis and management of patients with difficult and rare ataxia disorders. Patients are referred from clinical practices across the continent (see map). Evaluation consists of a detailed history of the timing and onset of neurological deficits, detailed neurological evaluation, review of outside tests and recommendation of additional studies. Patients are seen by physicians, health care providers and neurology trainees in team format. The goal is to make the most accurate and specific diagnosis possible, including with commercial or research genetic testing, to identify treatable conditions, to interpret and treat complications and to provide counseling and recommendations for adjustments to lifestyle and physical activity. Patients may be invited to enroll in one of several studies, including the Ataxia registry, genetic database, or biomarker studies. New patient visits last about 60 minutes.

Call 773-702-6222 to make an appointment.